Child Labour - A Curse to Innocence

Have you ever seen a child working in industrial sites, shops, hotels etc for a few pennies? Well, an engagement of child (below the age of 14 years) in economic activities is considered as Child labour.

Children are forced to do work due to poverty at the age of learning and playing.  When other children are learning at schools and developing themselves, these child labourers are working for their two meals. This exploitation of children is a curse for the country as children are doing this hazardous work which affects their mental and physical health and are deprived of basic education. These child labourers are exploited and paid very less for long hours of work as children are easy to manipulate and unaware of labour's rights. 


At present, almost 217 million children are working as child labour all over the world. 79 per cent of children are working in rural areas in which two-third belong to the age group of 12-14 and rest one third are below 12 years. In 2010, Africa had the highest rate of child labour over 50 per cent of children working. 

In India, according to the 2001 national census, 12.6 million children aged 5-14 out of 253 million child population of 5-14 age group are working as child labour. India accounts for the second-highest number of child labour after Africa. International labour organisation estimates that agriculture sector is the highest employer of child labour about 60 per cent in India. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is working to reduce child labour from agriculture and related fields.


Children are working for livelihood in their childhood phase instead of learning basic and fundamental manners is so heartbreaking. The major cause of child labour is due to poverty, informal growth of the economy, unavailability of schools and poor parents who influence their child to work in restaurants, sites work, or even pick rags. Children works in hazardous conditions carry loads heavier than their weight and work in domestic households for the sake of small money. Nowadays, child labour and child abuse become the greatest ailment spreading all over the world and should be resolved. Every year statistics of child abuse is increasing and especially in case of a girl child. 


Government has formed a special organisation with proper officials which deals with child labour issue and help out children from such circumstances. Many non-government organisations are also making efforts to eliminate child labour curse from society. Even we as responsible citizens can reports cases of child labour happening in our nearby place. Eradication of this jeopardy is only possible with collective efforts of government and people. The extent of this problem needs coordinated efforts from all sections of society to make a difference. The major focus should be given to prevent child labour as "CHILD IS MEANT TO LEARN NOT TO EARN". These innocent kids are the fortune of our country. Support and protect these pillars of the nation.

Child Labour - A Curse to Innocence

Last Modified by Deepika Nijwala on 13th December, 2020.

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