Self-Death in India?

There have been many arguments stating that if being born is not controlled by anyone why should the law restrict someone from embracing their own death. 

Moreover the Constitution of India ensures right to life with dignity. So does that empower someone with the right to terminate his life?

It should always be kept in mind that our constitution empowers us with right to life with dignity as long as it is not hampering the wellbeing of other people. Now a person might question that, ‘how is my death going to hamper the wellbeing of someone else? It might not if the person is a commoner but what if that person is a well known personality? People are seen to follow their favorite celebrities, their dressing pattern, hairstyle etc. Even the death of Sushant Sigh Rajput was followed by the suicide of some of his fans. Thus if euthanasia is legalized in our country and if such well known people opt to it then it might be followed by the death of many young people who adore them. 

But at times some people are seen to be suffering from some untreatable health conditions who do not show any chance of recovery. They prefer death more than suffering the rest of the days of their life. In such cases a moral dilemma might arise, which might make us think, ‘ should they be allowed to die rather that suffer in pain’? Indeed some are of the opinion that a conditional and controlled euthanasia can be legalized where the terminally ill patients can be given permission to death. Other than that a legalized euthanasia may lead to lots of unencountered deaths. 

As the rate of depression is rising rapidly among people of all ages and all sections of the society much support is needed to be provided by counsellors and health practitioners. This could intern reduce the rapidly increasing suicide rate. We cannot command someone that –he has no right to die or he has no right over his own death. Instead they should be taught to picture a different view of life and must realize within themselves that life is worth living and they thus should not give up.

Last Modified on 29th November by Ankita Das.