Indian Scientist discovered new Galaxy!

Indian Scientist done a miracle by discovering a galaxy. This will be a milestone for space research in India.

A satellite named Astrosat (by ISRO) captured a beam of Ultra-Violet ray coming from an external galaxy. When the scientists of Inter Universities for astrophysics and astronomy (IUCAA), further researched and found the ray was coming from an external galaxy. It took around 930 crore (9.3 Billion) light years to reach the light beam to earth.

The team consists International scientists from India, France, USA, Switzerland, Japan and Netherlands and led by Indian Scientist Dr. Kanak Saha. Their primary research is focus on "Galaxies: their structure, formation and evolution". This activity range is from high Redshift galaxies to present day ones which are well-developed. High Redshift galaxies are just forming.

Research Team (grouped together country wise)

India: Kanak Saha,  Anshuman Borgohain, Shyam Tandon & Abhishek Paswan; Switzerland: Anne Verhamme, Charlotte Simmonds & Daniel Schaerer; France: Francoise Combes; USA: Michale Rutkowski; Bruce Elmegreen & Debra Elmegreen; Japan: Akio Inoue; Netherlands: Mieke Paalvast

Why It is called as milestone for Space Research?

This light beam is declared as most primitive light beam coming from an external galaxy.

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