Breakfast generally means "breaking the fast" maintained from after the previous night dinner.

Breakfast helps increase our body's metabolism.

It also gives us the energy that we need to get things done and helps us focus on various tasks at school, college, etc.

Eating breakfast leads to good and healthy lifestyle .

Healthy lifestyle is something that deals with the physical fitness as well as the mental health, which partially or totally depends on healthy food.

It also lowers the risk of heart attack, as, when we skip breakfast we overeat for the rest of the day which increases cholesterol levels in our body

Nowadays many people tend to sleep late and hence wake up late, thus skipping their breakfast. 

Skipping breakfast can reduce our body’s natural rhythm and hence leads to restlessness. 

When we wake up, the blood sugar levels of our body, required to build muscles and make brain work, will be usually low, hence breakfast helps to replenish it, absorbing all the nutrients which are required for the body's active growth.

If our body does not get it from food, we may feel zapped of energy, and become lazy.

Laziness leads to lack of concentration on work, where concentration is a key to improve memory power.

Hence, skipping breakfast indirectly deteriorates our health.

When we are not healthy and unable to concentrate on the work, we somehow cannot lead a happy & stress-free life.

Food in general improves our physical health & keeps us fit,

we stay active and can complete tasks within the given time,

it also keeps our skin glowing and healthy,

it reduces the risk of any diseases.

Breakfast thus helps us stay alert for the rest of the day.

It also includes having proper nutritious diet in our food thus keeping us healthy.