Delhi to face cooler winter this year

 This year the maximum and minimum temperature will become 2-2.5°C lower then previous year. 

According to Indian Metrological Department (IMD), this year both the minimum and maximum temperature in National Capital Region may go below 2.4°C throughout the season. Since the temperature is already low, it is expected the minimum is likely to fall to around 5°C, before December 10. This is not normal, generally this situation happens after December 20.

The main reason behind this is Western Disturbance. For western disturbance there are no moisture available in the city. And if there are no clouds in the sky, the ground cools rapidly. In recent time the minimum temperature dropped to 7.5°C which also sets a record of the lowest temperature in November.

As the dropping in temperature may create some problems for the citizens. Specially for Heart Patients. Dry skins, fever, Common Cold, Dehydration will be normal. If you are residing in Delhi don't forget to take precautions, and if any serious issues consult Doctors not Google.

last Modified on 26th November by Rajat.

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