Bans the Plastic Bags in India

In an Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Modi had urged people and government agencies to take a step in stop using plastic. 

We can't live without plastic, we made a lot of industries from plastic such as chairs, tables, dishes, forks, spoons and many more industries. Besides the benefits of plastic, they're a lot of dangerous effects on human beings,  marine creatures, and wild animals. 

In India people use plastic bags because it's so light and easy to carry, but nowadays, they substituted to a cloth, papers and cartoon bags as Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India announced to launch a campaign to stop using plastic bags.

According to his speech in an independence day, Modi had urged people to take a first step towards freeing India of single-use plastic.


Many people and government agencies use cloth bags instead of plastic bags but they can't stop using plastic bags. Moreover, there’re a lot of sellers are using plastic bags when the buyers forget to bring their cloth bag. Also, they are using many alternatives such as cartoon, cloth and paper bags to reduce the problem of plastic bags and their effect on the environment making a great attempt to make India more clean and beautiful. The main problems of plastic bags that it can't degrade on the soil. However, if they burn the plastic rubbish, it will harm the environment and increasing the gap of ozone-layer.   

Human beings can't imagine their life without plastic but they can reduce the danger of components in producing plastic to replace bad materials into better materials that can recycle it easily and it can be degraded in the soil. India made a good step in helping to reduce the danger of plastic bags and help to make India a beautiful place in the world.

Last modified on 28th November, 2020 by Dina Abu Jarad