Does Your Homemade Mask Work?

You will be shocked if you see a surgeon in operation theatre wearing a homemade mask! So the Mask which is used for important task must be tested before using and it needs to be certified to ensure specific standards. 

Does Your Homemade Mask Work? 

For against the pandemic, the Government issues notification to wear face mask before going out. Now comes the question, does every mask reduce the chances of getting infected by the coronavirus? This is very weird thing, there are many kind of mask available in the market, normal surgical mask, N95(US standard) / KN95(Chinese Standard) face mask, even homemade mask were using as protection. The working of the Mask is to purify the air for breathing. Generally the The N95/KN95 (Certified and tested) Masks purifiers 95% air particals, but normal surgical mask or homemade mask doesn't work properly as their remains some gaping in the corners.

Image normal surgical mask info Data India

Image: Normal surgical mask/homemade mask

N95 mask info Data India

Image: N95 mask, no gaping

 Also they doesn't purify everything, in asymptomatic cases they can resist others also not to be infected.

In other hand we don't use the mask perfectly, many use the mask only if there is police or media persons around them, so this will not works. Along with marks we should also maintain physical distance from others (including friends and colleagues), and keep washing mask, clothes and your hands properly on regular basis.

Who should wear a mask?

You must use a mask in case

  • If you are showing symptoms of any flu,
  • If you belong to a high-risk category (chronic illnesses, underlying medical conditions) and go out,
  • If you are a healthcare professional, or
  • If you are around someone who is affected.

Scientist have also proven that through our eyes, we can also be interested, so here the face shield can be beneficial. But whatever you were doing or wearing, consult doctors before that and always follow ministry of health website properly and keep using Arogya Setu app.

Image Source: Livescience and Newscience

Article by: Captain Rajat Saha