18 things we learnt during lockdown. No 4 will make you laugh

We have learnt many things during this lockdown period. The top most things which we have learnt is given below.

Countrywide Lockdown

Things learnt during the

In the recent time, the novel coronavirus has affected everybody's lifestyle. It has affected every strata of the society. Many of us have lost their jobs while keeping the expenses same. As soon as the number of affected increased, the government imposed travel ban among the COVID-19 inflicted countries. But since the no. of cases has risen, government imposed janata curfew followed by the country wise "lockdown". As for now, the country is in lockdown and it may remain for few more months too.

The things which we have learnt during the lockdown.

1. Many of us learnt the word "quarantine" and the word "Lockdown" itself in this lockdown.

2. Although we never used to wash our hands after visiting a hospital or after handling chores outside. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, reaching home, we properly clean and sanitize ourselves. 

3. Wearing mask has now become mandatory for everyone going outside of their homes. 

4. "I can't live without you for a moment"- this promise between lovebirds has proven untrue in this lockdown.

5. Moreover many of our official work can also be done working from home.

6. In this lockdown we could spend a lot of time in our home with our family without our friends or colleagues.

7. The gym lovers can also live without going to the gym on regular basis.

8. We have learnt various household works, not to mention cooking and Maggi is not the only thing which we can cook now.

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9. Vehicular transports are halted at this moment due to travel restrictions and closure of many factories, nature healed itself from the human wrongdoings and now we can breathe fresh air like many years ego.

10. The movie goers can also enjoy the movie in their mobile or laptop too.

11. The government can also extend the deadline for submitting taxes.

12. The film actors (for example SSR) do have emotions too.

13. Always operational Indian Railways (never stopped in war also) can also be stopped.

For Students

14. Many of student's dream came true in this lockdown. They have promoted to next standard without appearing for exams.

15.  The holi vacation was neither too long as this year.

16. The hostelers who came home for holi can also live in two-three pairs of clothes for more than 10 months.

17. The teacher can also ask the students to turn on the mobile/laptop during the class.

18. Our parents can also insists us to stay indoors.

And there are many more things which we have learnt during the lockdown. Although many of us are not working now, but our mothers are. Her work is inevitable, despite the lockdown. 

Great mother working at home

 This article is my small attribute to my great loving Ma...