Camscaner Alternative | Top 5 best and free apps for document scanning

Camscaner is ban in India after Government of India bans 59 mobile apps which are prejudicial for sovereignty and integrity of India under 69A of the information and Technology Act of 2009. Camscaner was the best and popular app among the students or employees because it's convenient to use for scanning documents. Here is top 5 free apps (Alternative of CamScanner) which you can use for scanning documents for work or study.

Top 5 Alternative apps for CamScanner

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Here in the list below, is the list by which you can get the details about the alternative apps to CamScanner.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is an app that provides almost everything you get with CamScanner with seamless office integration. You are not only able to take accurate scanned documents, just by pointing your phone's at them, but you can also use to scan hand written notes with table and diagrams directly in word or powerpoint and use that as a part of your project isn't that need, other than that the app includes all the usual features like automatic edge croping, business card scanning, accurate OCR and much more. As far as exporting the cans concern, you can save them as jpg or PDF files or store them directly on one drive based on online availability. 
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The only downside of this app is, it does not support batch scanning, you might have to go through a bit of trouble if you have to scan multiple pages at the same time.

Google Drive

Now if you are not looking at such a huge collection of features and just an app that will scan your documents and make them online, then you can try Google Drive as well. Is not that right!
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Google Drive also offers basic document scanning functionality and it automatically saves all the documents into your linked Google account, so that you can easily access them anywhere and the best part is that it is very easy to use, just open the app and tap on the plus icon at the bottom right corner and select the scan option then take a picture of your document using your camera app. And then automatically edge direction workers very well, but in case you don't like, you can adjust the results manually also. Perspective correction works like a charm so that you don't have to even worry about taking the photo at the proper angle.

Photo Scan by Google Photos

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Now if you want to scan am image in a tough time, using Google Drive it can be different for you. For that we can use photo scan instead. It's another great app by Google, that will help you to create digital copy of any of your old photos without any glar from the flash.

Adobe Scan

Adobe scan

Next we have Adobe scan, another feature packed alternative to the CamScanner app, that you can try. And much like Microsoft Office Lens, this app can also easily detect any documents in the frame and scan them automatically. Isn't that sounds cool! The app also offers couple of belt and filters that will allow you to scan document in a default colour or in great scale and it even include support for OCR to convert your documents into editable PDFs. Unlike of Office Lens, Adobe scan can also scan multiple documents in a batch. But there is one disadvantage, the app requires you to create an Adobe account or log in with your social media so that you might go with other alternatives.


Rounding things off, it's Notebloc, another simple and easy to use documents scanner for those of you who just want to scan some documents, and are not looking for all bells and wishes offered by some of the other apps. Bacic part about this app is, it is completely free to use (although pro mode removes ad only) includes supports for OCR and scanning documents praty simple. Just tap on the camera icon in the bottom, frame your document and hot the shutter button. Now manually adjust the edge and tap on the check mark in the bottom. It's pretty simple right! Once the scan captured, you will also able to choose form one of the four different filters to enhance the image. All your scans will appear on the app's Home screen and you can easily share them from there or choose to save them to your phone's gallery or internal storage. But the pro version of this application is totally useless. I recommend to use this app offline.

This is all about the top 5 Alternatives of CamScanner which you can use for official works and make sure your check all these apps and choose which fits for you. I personally use Notebloc and found its features exactly looks alike CamScanner, and I hope you will not found any issues other than the ads in this app.

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